We design & manufacture ultra high performance audio products for the world’s most critical and discerning music lovers.

Bespoke Design

Our sister company, Definitive Audio, specialises in creating extremely high-end music systems. These systems are in themselves essentially bespoke as they are designed and tailored to each specific circumstance.

We can design a bespoke loudspeaker system in a style and physical presentation specifically of your choosing and which is unique to you.


Maximising the quality of your listening experience involves many considerations that include the dimensions of the room, its reverberant characteristics, the distance of the listening zone from the loudspeakers and so on. It is this specificity combined with the absolute quality of the electronics which distinguishes a ‘state of the art’ Definitive Audio system from an ‘off the peg’ option.


Working with some of the most revered audio designers, cabinet makers, silversmiths, sculptors and foundries in the world, we can create a unique loudspeaker design that is entirely bespoke, both in its visual design and its materials of construction. We can of course work in co-operation with your personal interior designers.


We have access to unusual and exotic woods and wood veneers which we use in traditional artisanal cabinet construction. We also have experience in making loudspeakers using less traditional materials such as cast aluminium and cast bronze. These materials can be chemically patinated to create a stunning range of surface colours and textures. We can also cast in copper and iron, fabricate in stainless steel and carbon fibre and machine from solid metal billet.

If you wish to incorporate the finished design into a motor yacht we can provide compliant mounting systems & equipment tables for both the loudspeakers and associated equipment. Finite element analysis of these designs ensures safe installation in environments that experience accelerations of up to 5Gs.

We have also produced a separate isolated battery power supply system which ensures the maximum performance and safe operation of your hi-fi system in electrically unpredictable and hostile circumstances.

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