We design & manufacture ultra high performance audio products for the world’s most critical and discerning music lovers.

Living Voice Products

All Living Voice products reflect our desire to provide the committed music enthusiast with a coherent, artistically convincing and emotionally engaging experience.

This approach originally led us to develop the Auditorium loudspeaker design. It remains the case today — if we can’t find a product we consider resolves a particular issue to the performance level we aspire to, then we’ll examine the possibilities of creating it ourselves. This is rarely driven primarily by cost or marketing considerations in the conventional sense. We prefer to think of it as a refusal to compromise (or enthusiastic bloody-mindedness, if you prefer).


Horns are where it all began, with the very first Living Voice loudspeaker, the Air Partner, which made its public debut to an astonished audience at the 1992 Heathrow HiFi Show.

Two decades later, the Vox Olympian horn loudspeaker is the ultimate refinement of our art.

product-preview-auditoriumAs one reviewer has commented, “what sets it apart is that every facet of the speaker is built to a standard of engineering and integrity that is totally beyond what might be expected of even other exotic loudspeakers.”

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Domestically conventional and musically persuasive, the highly acclaimed Auditorium Series consists of 4 models with the option of inboard (IBX) or outboard (OBX) crossover electronics on the two top models.

product-preview-auditoriumThe elegantly proportioned cabinets of the Auditoriums conceal a meticulous and obsessive approach to the complex problems of loudspeaker design.

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The ultimate equipment table for the ultimate music system.

product-preview-auditoriumThe Living Voice G8 was originally designed to allow the use of high performance Kondo KSL valve electronics in the saloons of super-yachts.

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