We design & manufacture ultra high performance audio products for the world’s most critical and discerning music lovers.

“I felt it was extraordinary to listen to music in this way and come away in awe at the sheer emotional and connective power these speakers possess.”

Edward Barker, Six Moons, Online

“It no longer really makes sense to talk about the sound itself but rather how absolutely wonderful the music becomes.
I’ve never had such a completely revelatory and unexpected experience in my home audio life.”

Edward Barker, Six Moons, Online

“If your reason for buying hi-fi is the music and not just the sound it makes, this (Definitive Audio’s Kondo KSL/Living Voice system) makes a lot of sense.”

Alan Sircom, HiFi Choice, UK

“What is most alluring about these speakers is that they bring out so much in your record collection - great music becomes fantastic, addictive and totally engrossing.”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi Choice, UK

“At a certain point I had to actually stop myself from joining the audience applauding, so convincing and utterly absorbing was the experience. It shows us what is possible and certainly inspired me.”

Maarten van Casteren, TNT Audio, Online

“It is an extraordinary achievement.
The few people lucky enough to own one will possess an speaker whose audio performance is matched only by the exacting attention to every detail of styling and aesthetics.”

Ed Selley, HiFi Choice, UK

“If you want to experience hifi in its best possible form, or are interested in getting a real high-end system, you simply must visit Definitive Audio.
It might be a life changing experience.”

Maarten van Casteren, TNT Audio, Online

Reviews Of Our Loudspeakers

Some recent articles on Definitive Audio/Living Voice:


“…all you need to do is close your eyes and be transported by the songs produced by these amazing speakers.”

Extremely positive review (Original French & English translation) of the IBX-RW.

“…they are exceptionally affordable in view of the imperturbable, self-evident manner in which they master all musical requirements.”

Another thorough and extremely positive review of the OBX-RW, this time by Uwe Kirbach, Editor of Germany’s Image HiFi. Read our English translation


If your O-level French is better than ours, read the original Haute Fidelite article, or, if you prefer, our English translation Unconventional? Us?

Meanwhile, Roy Gregory is waxing lyrical about the very same loudspeaker in The AudioBeat (as far as we know, only in English). Read the full review

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