Vox Olympian system at Munich High End Show


Vox Series Loudspeakers

The Munich High End Show.

The Munich Show is globally regarded as the foremost international audio event.

We demonstrated a Vox Series system every year between our Show debut in 2013 and 2019 (there was no Show in 2020 & 2021) and returned at the 2022 event with a smaller-scale demonstration highlighting our system-building and set-up abilities. The 2023 show saw the international debut of a completely new loudspeaker, the R80, a sophisticated 2-way combining the lyricism, coherence, and innate musicality of the OBX-RW4, with the scale, dynamic range, and visceral thrill of the Vox Series horns.

We think it’s fair to say that many industry commentators feel we have consistently not only redefined what’s achievable within the limitations of a hifi show, but perhaps set a standard for what’s possible from audio reproduction itself.

R80 Munich 2023 Vox Olympian & Vox Elysian
R80 System Vox Olympian at Munich

Media Comment on Living Voice at The Munich Show.

A collection of comments from the world’s audio press re our presence at Munich. Further acclaim, awards and comment may be found here.

What can I say about the Living Voice that I didn’t say last year? It’s a system that is impossible to beat in dynamic range and expression… surely one of the greatest stereos in the world.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, USA.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This is by far the most convincing and musically complete speaker system I’ve ever used. It has completely rearranged my notions of the limitations that apply to audio and how close we can come to the live event. ‘Product of the Year’ doesn’t do them justice: Product Of The Last Decade gets closer.

Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, UK.

The dynamics, the tone, the… well what can I say, the realism is simply beyond what others can achieve. It is not just incrementally better hi-fi, it is monumentally more realistic in all ways I can think of.

Brad Morrical, Positive Feedback, USA.

Now, Kevin Scott of Living Voice is a master of mating different horns to make a truly integrated whole. In this category it’s a true winner – and way above competitors. Best male vocals I’ve heard from a horn system. Delicate upper mid and a seamless integration of the three upper horns, never – ever – heard better. The ease of presentation, the dynamics, the weightlessness of micro transients, I could go on. It takes years of fine-tuning to produce such a system.

Troels Gravesen, loudspeaker designer, Denmark.

Yes, this system is expensive, but I have owned and listened to equally expensive ones in my own home (also powered by vintage Kondo designs) and I can say with some assurance: this visually elegant system generates a type of dead-quiet, 0–60 in 3 seconds, totally musical, loves Igor Stravinsky and Wilhelm Furtwängler experience that exceeds the sum of its parts. It delivers the complete gestalt of horns and triodes high fidelity with no conspicuous compromise.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile, USA.

Living Voice’s room at the High End 2016 was without a doubt the best sounding room of the show. It had that rare combination of finesse, flow, scale & uniformity while feeling free of the confinement of a ‘box’ or discernible point of origin. It displayed a true full range representation of the music without all that nonsense of ‘punch’ and supernatural highs.
I found I had trouble convincing myself to leave the room on the several visits I made there. Absolutely wonderful presentation.

Alon Golan, HiFiMusic, Israel.

Consistency of presentation is difficult to achieve, especially from year to year but the combination of Origine source, Kondo amplification, and Living Voice horn loudspeakers seems to achieve it. I’d love to say effortlessly, but I think that the effort involved is reason they achieve such consistency.

Alan Sircom, HiFiPlus, UK.

It has always sounded magical in that room but this was really another, and totally unexpected, level. We were not the only ones to notice how good it was… we kept bumping into people we know around the show and it was always ‘have you heard Living Voice yet?’

Linette Smith, HiFiPig, UK.

Living Voice has been literally stockpiling raves, year in, year out in Munich. After congratulating Kevin for his mesmerizing room I walked out, gave it a second thought and walked back in for more.

Panagiotis Karavitis, Part-time Audiophile, USA.